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Title: Powerlifting / BodyBuilding竞争
Post by: Annavedr. 2015年8月27日,08:38:19 PM
大家好,我只是想让你们都知道一个很棒的活动,你可能有兴趣在11月7日在多伦多发生。 它 's called the "World' S最强的自然健美运动员 " 。 本次竞争将在健身博览会上举行,它将具有以下一轮:
- 宽敞

It’s pretty unique and exciting since it involves both bodybuilding and powerlifting, something that I haven’t seen before! You could get more info at … Good luck to anyone who decides to compete!! :)
Title: RE:Powerlifting / Bodybuilding竞争
Post by: PowerLift66 2015年8月28日,04:51:05 AM