VPX fires back with an appeal of the injunction of 肌肉 Power

VPX提起了加利福尼亚州地方法院发出的禁止令的上诉,禁止VPX使用其注册商标“Muscle Power”以及包装上的商品外观。 VPX首席执行官兼创始人Jack Owoc解释说,VPX对这一裁决感到非常失望:

“我们对法院感到非常不安”裁定并认为有关Cytosport的陈述被误导了”的权利和我们行业竞争的性质。我们商标的唯一相似之处是使用该词”Muscle,”但仅在第5类中,专利和商标局就有60多个注册商标,其中包含“”Muscle.” ”Muscle”在我们行业的产品和公司名称中经常使用,部分原因是我们的产品有助于增强肌肉。尽管有机会,Cytosport从未反对我们的商标注册,而且专利商标局发现两者之间没有冲突。“Muscle Power®” 和 “Muscle Milk®.”

We have never intended to confuse customers into thinking our product was 肌肉 Milk® -we want them to know it’s different 和 better! We point out in our advertising why 肌肉 Power® is a better product — 肌肉 Milk® contains 600% more sugar 和 a 183% more fat than 肌肉 Power®. 肌肉 Power contains 200% more fiber 和 89% less carbohydrates.

We prominently put our VPX logo on the top center panel 和, the background, like most VPX products, is the specific 293 Pantone Blue color that consumers have identified as our brand for many years. VPX apologizes to its customers for any disruption this may cause, 和 we are committed to making our popular 肌肉 Power® drink available again to our customers 和 the public as soon as possible.”